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Reciprocal Linking
a statement by ACL editor, Graham Pockett

“I list sites because I think they are worthy, not for any type of payment (and that includes the promise of a link back to ACL)!”

To be listed, many directories (sometimes called “portal sites”) demand that you must link back to them. This is generally called “reciprocal linking”. Likewise some directories insist that you vote for a site to keep it high on their list. As the voting wanes, so does the position of that site in their list.

I have always questioned the quality of links in any directory that insists upon reciprocal linking.

  • Are they only listing that site because they are being listed themselves?
  • Would they include a “questionable” site because that site was prepared to link to them?
  • Are the sites listed designed to benefit the directory's visitor, or just listed to get a link back?
Likewise voting does little except promote the site maintaining the votes. To me this is just a cunning ploy to promote that site, it has nothing to do with how good a site is. Besides, many "popular" sites are ones where the author has a knowledge of how to create scripts to fool the voting engine, or who spends a lot of energy spamming the voting site with false votes.

While I always encourage people to link to ACL, I do NOT insist that sites listed with this directory link back to us. I list sites because I believe that they will be of benefit to my visitors – not simply because they are prepared to link back to me. I believe that listing a relevant site “value adds” to the ACL site, making it more valuable to my visitors.

Therefore, I list sites because I think they are worthy, not for any type of payment (and that includes the promise of a link back to ACL)!

ACL exists to support its visitors, not the sites being listed. I have held that viewpoint since ACL first started back in 1996.

If you think that linking to ACL would benefit your visitors then please grab one of the ACL buttons or banners and place a link on your site. If you think that your non-commercial Christian site would be of benefit to ACL’s visitors, then please submit it to me. However, both actions are independent of each other.

I pray that you find ACL to be of value to you and that you consider it will be of value to your site’s visitors. If you have any questions regarding reciprocal linking, please do not hesitate to write to me.


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I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.
1 John 5:13 NIV

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