Christian Concepts
The Cavern Of Life
(an analogy of our relationship with God)

by Graham Pockett

The Cavern of Life is huge – much larger than we can imagine. To our mortal eyes the blackness in this Cavern is complete because no light can penetrate from the outside.

A non-Christian stands in that immense cavern without a light of any type. He spends his life blundering about and achieves little because he sees nothing. There is a path at his feet that will lead him to safety but he cannot see it. He constantly stumbles and falls.

A Christian stands in that cavern with the light of a spluttering match to keep him company and to illuminate the ground immediately at his feet. He gets great comfort from that meager light because he can see the path. It may not be well laid out, or easily seen, but he does have light to repel the darkness. If he wavers in his faith the light splutters even more and darkness threatens to overwhelm.

As his faith grows, his light gets stronger and stronger, and stops spluttering. Finally he is holding a candle high above his head and he bathes in the comfort that the light gives. His path is now much easier to see and he has more confidence to move along it.

As more Christians congregate together, the combined light brightens a wider area, giving everyone within that circle of light a better view of the safe path. The more Christians congregating together and producing a brighter light, the more people will join them.

A prophet holds a lantern with a reflective mirror that allows him to see a small distance in one direction. To him the path is clearer because he can see so much more of it but he is still limited in the view which he has – a view which may show very little until it is compared with the view from the lantern held by other prophets. The more prophets sharing their light the better the overall view.

“Jesus sees the Christians offering their meager light to the non-Christians, and cries when He sees – as He often does – that light getting rejected”

Jesus is Light. He sees a speck of dirt on the far wall because there is no darkness in the cavern to Him and its size is diminutive, not daunting. He sees us blundering around in the darkness, blind to the beauty that only He can see. He also sees Christians with their spluttering matches, putting cautious feet forward but fearful of the overpowering darkness around them.

He sees the fully committed Christians, holding their candles high like beacons while they strive to peer into the gloom around them. Sometimes He sees them stumble and fall because they were concentrating so much on trying to look into the darkness that they weren't looking where they were going. Jesus sheds a quiet tear for these saints who forget that they too are walking a narrow path in the darkness.

Jesus sees the Christians offering their meager light to the non-Christians, and cries when He sees – as He often does – that light getting rejected. He is also sad when He sees the faith of a Christian start to dim, and the spluttering light they hold finally extinguished. He watches over all but, as is His nature, helps only when asked.

But whenever a non-Christian accepts the light, and when the faith of a saint strengthens, Jesus rejoices and the angels sing in delight: “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Son. Praise be Your Holy Name.”

If you are ready to commit to the Lord do it here and now!

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‘The Cavern Of Life’ appeared in the April 2001 issue of Grace Centered Magazine.

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