Halloween – a harmless ritual?

by Jean Claude Boulenaz (Teen Challenge, Brisbane, Australia)

Reprinted with permission

Last year about this time I recall that my young son Daniel came home quite excited about a local youth function to which he was invited. Upon enquiring as to the nature and purpose of this function, Daniel proceeded to say that it was Halloween.

“Everyone is to dress up in black and orange and is to bring a light of some kind,” he exclaimed, “and we're going to go door knocking.” His excitement turned to disappointment when I said: “Son, you won't be going.”

The typical response from a nine-year-old came back: “Why not, Dad?” I must admit that I had very little knowledge on the subject, however I knew that a Halloween party was not the place for my son.

“Son,” I said. “Halloween is a traditional ritual which is of the Devil.”

Once my son had accepted the fact that he was not allowed out, I also had to come to terms with the fact that I knew very little of a phenomenon that is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance in this country.

I set about the task of becoming more informed about the practice, even as I refused to follow the trend. Too many parents will make the mistake this year of allowing their children to become involved in what can only be described as an occult practice.

Pam Byde, sociology lecturer at the Queensland Institute of Technology (Australia), believes that Halloween is being accepted because our society lacks traditions.

“All societies need to have rituals where, at some stage, members of a peer group become adults. Unfortunately in our society today, there is no established ritual, even the twenty-first birthday is not of much significance any more and adolescents seem to be establishing their own rituals.”

Pastor Bruce Sadik of the Gold Coast Life Centre (Queensland, Australia) has stated that: “Halloween began, and is remaining today, as an evil rite of witchcraft.”

The activities associated with Halloween may appear harmless, but is it just innocent fun, or are there more sinister implications behind the innocence of which we should be aware?

The Origins Of Halloween

Halloween is a festival of Scottish-Irish origin, held on All Hallows Eve, the night of 31st October. In the world of the occult this even is called ‘Samhain’. Elements of the customs which are connected to Halloween can be traced to a Druid ceremony in pre-Christian times. In Europe during these medieval and later times, elves, fairies and witches (who occasionally took the shape of cats) were believed to fly on All Hallows Eve. Bonfires were lit to ward off these spirits.

Vestiges of those beliefs and practices continued in Scotland and Ireland into recent times.

Halloween was also a time of games, and rituals involved in methods of fortune telling whereby young people endeavoured to determine their marital prospects through such omens as apple pairings thrown over the shoulder, or nuts burned in a fire.

Halloween traditions were taken by the Scots and Irish to America, where pumpkins replaced the turnip for the carved Jack-O-Lantern.

In Australia today we are seeing a tradition which has been accepted overseas for many years creeping into our way of life with an alarming acceptance. It is becoming an event which is becoming popular on the social calender. The evening of 31st October will see many young Australian children going from door to door calling “trick or treat”, not knowing that such a ritual was practised by the Druids and their followers in medieval times.

The Druids went from castle to castle doing exactly the same thing. They also demanded a ‘treat’, however, this demand was for a young woman who could be offered as a human sacrifice in a Satanic ritual. The Druids were known as men of Oak and they demanded blood sacrifices. These men were so controlled by Satanic forces that they had strange and frightening powers.

If the ‘treat’ (the young woman) pleased the Druids, they would light a candle made of human fat and insert it in a Jack-O-Lantern to protect those inside the castle from being killed by demons.

When some of the families could not meet the demands of the Druids then it was time for a ‘trick’. A hexagram was drawn on the front door of the dwelling, and it was said that Satan or his demons would kill someone in the household through fear that night.

The spellbinding beat of the druid music would fill the night as the ceremony began. The men would assault their victim and then brutally sacrifice her to their gods.

On 31st October, Halloween will be celebrated with many activities. Most of the people will only be wanting to have fun... and many would say ‘harmless fun’.

Personal Testimony

Doreen Irving was a practising occult believer prior to her conversion to Jesus Christ. In her book, ‘Set Free To Serve Christ’, she quotes 1 Tim 4:1 “In the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils”.

From her experience, many are doing that today, and the tragic fact is that they are not aware that many seemingly innocent thing do, in fact, border on the occult.

Doreen Irving gives Halloween as one of several examples of this. After quoting activities, such as dressing as witches, joking about curses, ‘trick or treat’, and play acting the reprisals of witches, she points out: “Real witches find these games amusing, especially when played by Christians. All kinds of evil manifestations are seen by real witches on that night, and the evil spirits are very active. They can be seen to take over a person's body.”

Her conclusion is “no Christian should celebrate Halloween”.

‘Trick or treat’. Do you think it's a thing of the past without any significance for today? In the United States occult killings continue every Halloween.

In Australia resent media reports have indicated the possibility of Satanic human sacrifices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Let me encourage all parents to seriously consider their children’s involvement in Halloween.

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