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10 Reasons To Believe – offering strong evidence for areas of great eternal significance (downloadable PDF brochures – requires email address to access)

2! – an on-line book recording of the signs and miracles given by God to Michael Flipp

2 Billion Doctrines – “the strange religion called Christianity” an article by ACL Editor, Graham Pockett

4Hisglory & Aunt Hagars Children’s Place – includes original poetry and other blessings/resources, inspired by and dedicated to an awesome God and his wonderful creations

4X12 For Christ's Disciples Journal – a journal for serious Christians on discipleship integrating a relational theology, spirituality and community (site requires Internet Explorer)

7th Commandment – an on-line presentation about the 7th Commandment, “Thou shalt not steal” (Exodus 20:15)

9Marks Ministries – from Washington, DC, USA, helping local churches re-establish their Biblical bearings and re-think their ministry methods

Abaana – a UK-based Christian charity (Charity Ref: XR23 866) helping children in Africa by raising money for projects such as child sponsorship, schools and hospitals

Abba Loves Us – for healing, prayer, warfare, and in preparation for taking up the cross and being an overcomer in Christ

A Better Hope – emphasizing the importance of hope in Christ; without hope, love and faith will not be successful

Abide in Christ – free Bible studies, sermons, daily devotions and resources for a mature, intimate love relationship with Jesus Christ

Abide with Christ – taking you away from life’s needless worries, and refreshing you with the peace and spiritual joy found only in the love of Jesus Christ

About the Gospel – a simple presentation of the gospel with links to other Christian Websites and Bible studies (site requires Internet Explorer)

Abounding Pathways in Christ – an inspirational daily devotional that will help guide you down the pathways of your Christian walk with Jesus Christ throughout your life

A Brief Message of Hope – an account of how, in a spiritual realm, the “disorganized” are now “organized”

A Brief Message of Love – harmony for the Body of Christ and a prayer for repentance

Abundant Life Church of Winchester – from Winchester, Tennessee, USA, a spirit filled non-denominational Church which is focused on the revelation of “Christ in You” and our unity and identity with our Lord and Savior

Abundant Life Ministries Worldwide – interesting and varied site with a lot of good reading

Abundant Life Sermons – “sermons that are practical and scripturally sound that will help you grow in faith”

Abundant Living Ministries – from Crossville, Tennessee, USA, using the Internet as a medium to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Abusing The Word of God – is it just non-Christians who abuse the Holy Bible? by ACL’s Graham Pockett

Accelerator Youth Ministries – from Schenectady, New York, USA, facilitating the growth of the local church’s youth ministry through conferences, training, encouragement and creative ministries

Accent On The Word – inspiration and encouragement

A Christian Voice – a blog by Christopher Randolph, articles and links by Christians for Christians

ACL’s Handy Bible – all 66 books of the Bible available for viewing on-line (with chapter selector)

Across Pacific & Asia – a Christian magazine with lots of articles, news reports, humor... and lists of churches, ministries and Christian schools in the Pacific & Asia region

Acts 17:11 Bible Studies – Bible studies on meaty topics for Christian living, growth, and faith (“they searched the Scriptures daily to see...”)

Acts 1:8 Ministry – a free outreach training kit and consulting service, based on acts of Christian kindness

A Daily Devotion – a Biblically-based daily devotion that is concise and inspirational

A Day In God’s Court – a seminar on prayer for a church or organization by Dr J Gordon Henry

A Diary of Dreams – contains writings based on prophetic dreams received in 1993, and Christian poetry

Adonai International Ministries – from Sacramento, California, USA, a loving, caring and sharing Biblical fellowship of members that encourages one another in the steps of the great apostles

Adoption Prayers – for those facing a crisis pregnancy situation, we pray you would consider adoption over abortion; Christian adoptive family praying for another baby to join our happy home

Adrian Rowse – from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, a Christian artist/songwriter with powerful testimony

Adventures In Missions – helps youth pastors set up and lead their next short term missions project

Aeon’s Promise – a dynamic Christian rock band with direct legible lyrics and unique high quality musicianship

Al Furey Ministries – from Sydney, Australia, the healing and evangelical ministry Al and Kathy Furey

Agape Bible Fellowship – reaching the street children and slum dwellers of India (registered Christian Charitable Trust)

AGAPE:Live! – leadership training seminars and evangelstic meetings being held in over 20 countries worldwide (a UK Registered Charity)

Agape Outreach – an evangelistic ministry located in Belton, Missouri, USA

A Gathering of Christians – Bible prophecy study, and chat room

Ag Camp: The Adventure – from NSW, Australia, this site is about Scripture Union’s Girl’s Agricultural Camp, what we do and how to get involved

AGMI (Association of Gospel Ministries International) – a non-profit Christian group of ministers who’s only purpose is to help people who feel they are called to minister the Good News Gospel (members in Canada, USA, Germany, Finland, East Africa, West Africa & Israel)

AIGA North Eastern Division – (AIGA = Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc) serving Pentecostal, Full Gospel and Charismatic ministries, pastors, churches, evangelists and missions worldwide

A Kid’s Heart – a playground/learning site providing resources for kids and their teachers including online games, printout sheets, clipart, wallpaper, and greeting cards for Bible memory verses and holidays

Alfaiomega Christian Link – Christian, salvation, bible search faith, healing, love, hope, come see

A Light To Shine – a site for study resources, Christian graphic links and more (site requires Internet Explorer)

All 4 God – prophetic teaching and testimony

All 4 Jesus – a personal and family home page containing the author’s testimony, original articles, and great links

All About Jesus – dedicated to sharing the joyous truth of Christ for all who seek Him, and provide encouragement and resources for fellow Christians on the path

All Children’s Assistance Fund – a USA-based (California) 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization feeding, clothing, educating, sheltering & protecting children of all ages and backgrounds

All The Good News Of Bible Prophecy – a Bible prophecy portal reviewing current world conditions in light of Bible prophecy with on-line Bible prophecy studies and an on-line archive of Bible prophecy related documents

Along The Way – Christian Bible help with encouragement

A Love Eternal – extracts from the book, of the same name and on the subject of death, by Jerry D Babbs

Alnemat Arabic Christian Internet Magazine – download the Arabic Bible for free and also read Alne3mat Journal (this site is mainly in Arabic but there are some English sections which are well worth reading for non-Arabic visitors)

Alpha Australia – a 15-session practical introduction to the Christian faith

Altared Lives – answering the cry of young urban worshippers; features 24/7 urban Gospel (commercial-free) radio station, radio contest giveaways, humorous & inspirational writings, music ministry recording info

Always Beside Me – Christian quotes, proverbs and sayings

Amazing Bible – this site covers about 6000 pages of Bible answers, commentaries, doctrine, news, prophecy, statistics, studies, sermons, tracts, spiritual warfare, and Israeli information with photographs

Amazing Facts – the online ministry of Ps Doug Batchelor, site includes free Bible studies, free on-line library, and much more

Amazing Grace – the man and the story behind the hymn, Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Christian Church – from Tacoma, Washington, USA, a conservative, Bible based fellowship

Amazing Grace: The Story Of John Newton – the amazing story of the slave trader who found the love of Jesus and wrote the famous hymn, “Amazing Grace”

Amazing Love Ministries – a ministry of Mary Winchell, dedicated to “heal those broken in heart and bruised in spirit, to set at liberty those who have been held captive”

America’s Christian History – discovering the history of how men of faith framed the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and who formed the USA

Ames Bible College – free and low cost biblical training programs

A Moment With God – a Christian bimonthly newsletter to bring you hope and encouragement

Amos: Postmodern Bible Commentary – serious Bible study online, history, archaeology, literature and linguistics, with hundreds of pictures and sound files, like a Bible dictionary and commentary in one

Anabaptists – interesting site with lots of good reading on a variety of Christian-related subjects

Anchor Christian Church – from Rochester, New York, USA, a small but quickly growing non-denominational church

And God Said No – a poem by Claudia Minden Weisz for anyone who has ceased to trust God or who is disappointed that God hasn’t made his or her life a ‘rose garden’ (as many new Christians seem to expect)

Andrew Wommack Ministries, Inc – from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA; the ministry presents the radio program, The Gospel Truth, and distributes free audio tapes throughout the world

An Extraordinary Dream – a supernatural dream the Lord graciously gave Clint Stetson many years ago

Annie’s Home Page – a lovely Christian site and well worth the look

Anointed Youth Ministeries – a Christian youth website with bulletin board, newsletter, and more

Answering Islam – a Christian-Muslim dialog (this site is in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Malay, Turkish & Russian)

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America – proclaiming to the world God’s message of love, peace, and salvation (though content is often from an Orthodox Christian perspective, much is written with all Christians and non-Christians in mind and meant to be a true resource for spiritual growth)

A Peculiar Place – Bible studies, teaching and Christian writings seeking greater knowledge of Jesus the Anointed One and His Anointing

A Physician Analyzes the Crucifixion – by Dr. C. Truman Davis, a medical explanation of what Jesus endured on the day He died

Apocalypse Soon – a very interesting site (in five languages); worth a look!

Apocalypse (The Historicist Interpretation) – demonstrating that the Apocalypse is a history book, written in symbolic language, and dealing with that part of history that was still future when the book was written

Apocalyptic Hope – excellent site with good ‘end times’ articles and a tremendous collection of Christian links

A Poetic Testament Of Life – inspired by Jesus, this is the poetry site of Sue Holt, her faith in the Lord radiates throughout, testimony to God's love and the strength of the human spirit to survive

Apologetics – “defending or proving the truth of Christian doctrines”; for all Christians

A Prayer For Cancer Patients – one of the names of our mighty God is “Jehovah Rapha”, the Lord God who heals

Arabs for Christ – helping individuals and churches plan or join mission trips to the Middle East

Arab World Ministries – to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to Muslims of the Arab world

Are You Hard Boiled, Or Soft & Runny? – a look at the core teachings of Jesus; by ACL’s Graham Pockett

Are You Really Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation? – a 25-lesson Bible study concerning our eternal salvation, with interactive questions at the end of each lesson

Are You Worshipping God In Spirit And In Truth? – a 24 lesson interactive Bible study course concerning our worship to God with interactive questions at the end of each lesson

Arise with Christ – healing, therapeutic and inspirational words that gives a spiritual Christian uplift; one for every day of the year

Ark Webs – full of the best clean free Christian stuff

Art & Apologetics – contains Bible studies, apologetic studies and other articles of Christian interest plus the art work of Professor M M Ninan

Art Manning – the writings of Art Manning, includes essays about Creation vs Evolution, the relationship of science to the Bible, and views on some current Christian doctrinal controversies

Asia Harvest – an International mission agency with a strategic focus on the tribes and people groups of Asia that are the most unreached and least helped

ASV Bible Online – the American Standard Version Bible, formatted with one chapter per page including a search tool (each chapter page links to that chapter in 24 additional versions)

A Synthesis Is Coming – ‘TruInsights’ from Best Video Productions; good teaching

A Testimony Of Answered Prayer – how a prayer for a daughter who was almost lost to the drug world was answered in less than an hour

A Testimony Of A Writer’s Heart – dedicated to providing a true Christian testimony through poetry and devotions (site requires Internet Explorer)

Atlanta Christian Web – from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a newspaper style site offering information and links associated with that city, from a Christian viewpoint

Atlantic Fish Free Christian Clipart – free Christian graphics for publishing; categories include Animated, Cross, Jesus, Christmas, Doves, Bible Books, Bible Verses, Fish, Maps, and Old Testament

Australian Christian Channel – providing Christian news, information on Jesus Christ including an online Bible, and information about this Christian TV channel (it also offers streaming TV over the Internet)

Australia’s Outback Patrol – serving towns too small for a Church, too big to overlook

Avenue Resource – a Christian-based program that helps individuals, couples and teens struggling with pornography addiction

Average Heros – to encourage and uplift the body of Christ, includes poems, stories, writings and articles

A Whisper of Thunder – a study of the Bible using only the Bible using topics with texts describing each with clarity for the purpose of increasing understanding of God’s Holy Word

A Word For Life – the on-line ministry of Bernard A Jones, teaching the word of God in depth

Azuza StreetRiders – a multi-national organization of bikers (based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA) dedicated to spreading the flames of apostolic truth to a lost and dying world

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  • Two Billion Doctrines – the strange religion called Christianity
  • Does God Ever Change His Mind? – Calvin would turn in his grave!
  • New Wine In An Old Skin – the problem of legalism in the church today
  • Are You Hard Boiled, Or Soft & Runny? – doctrines are like an egg shell
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  • Growing the Seed of Faith – so it doesn't wither and die
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