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Halloween: a harmless ritual? – should a Christian really celebrate Halloween?

HandsandHearts4Him – created to honor Jesus Christ and to share the message of His gospel with all who visit

Handy Bible – all 66 books of the Bible available for viewing on-line (with chapter selector)

Hank Ochoa’s New Christian Music – listen to free sound clips from Christian artist Hank Ochoa

Hannah’s Prayer Ministries – Christian support for fertility challenges

Happily Ever Afters – free interactive inspirational novel with choices/consequences and happy endings; Christians/seekers create their own uplifting novel as 30+ novels within each free ebook

Harold Catoe Ministries – from South Carolina, USA, a full time international evangelist who travels around the world preaching the Gospel and healing through the power of Jesus Christ

Harry Potter Magic – an evangelical site targeted at people who read the Harry Potter books

Harvest Army World Revival – for those who want to fulfil their calling in the Lord; promotes evangelism and the key part New York Christians are to play in the oncoming world revival

Harvest Center Church – from Waterloo, Illinois, USA, a Holy Spirit filled, non-denominational church

Harvest Christian Fellowship – from Riverside, California, USA, with Senior Pastor Greg Laurie, to “enable you to grow not only in God’s Word, but also to use your talents and gifts for God’s glory”

Harvesters International Ministries – a church planting, evangelism and training organization working mainly in Southern Africa

Harvest Ministries – from The Hague, Holland (Netherlands) preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ (site in Dutch only)

Harvest Ministry – ministering the Word of reconciliation of man to God through prayer, prophecy, revelation, spiritual warfare, stories, visions, and dreams

Harvest Pointe Christian Church – from Milford, Ohio, USA, an independent Christian Church teaching that the Bible is the infallible word of God and the foundation on which the church is built

Healing Love Outreach Ministries – men, check out William’s Coffee Shop; women Carrie’s Tea Room

Healing Ministries of Christian Healing Evangelist Bishop Salamat Khok – from Pakistan

Healing, Prosperity and Family Well Being – the Abrahamic covenant provides healing, prosperity and family well being to Christians now

Healing Streams Ministries – evangelistic and teaching, with preaching the gospel in mission and vision, to reach the lost, to teach the believer, to live in strong relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus

Healing Through Prayer Ministry – a place where we can pray in agreement in Jesus name

Healing Waters Outreach Ministry – from Gadsden, Alabama, USA, an outreach ministry dedicated to restoring the lost, rejected and hurting generation back to Christ

Heart 2 Heart – Christian poetry, articles and more, promotion of the Ten Commandments

Heart to Heart – a guide in the Christian walk, including articles, daily heart talks, and books on basic Bible subjects

Heavenly Inspirations – offering two stationery decorated inspirational e-mails, delivered to your inbox daily

Heaven Online – featuring the Christian poetry of Joni Kassel

Heavens Declare the Glory of God – Huble telescope images introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ; with links to on-line Bibles and Bible studies (Website is in English, Spanish and French languages)

Heaven Sent Ministry Men – a US deathrow Christian ministry

Hebrews 13:2 – useful Christian (and other) links

He Died 4 Me, Iíll Live 4 Him – about Jesus, End Times prophecy, references and links to the world

Hell Fighter Ministries – from Urbana, Ohio, USA, dedicated to bringing the fullness of Godís love & power to the entire body of Christ through intense Spirit-filled revival meetings at churches across the United States – a free resource for learning how to read the Bible and think systematically of one's faith

Heneliz’s Christian Corner – dedicated to the truth of God’s Word, and the futherance of the gospel of salvation!

Here Or Togo – based in Lafayette, Indiana, USA and Lomé, Togo, West Africa, Bernie & Brenda Smith are missionaries to the West Africa Advanced School of Theology

Hervormd Dinteloord – midi files, Geneven Psalter and other songs (from Holland)

Harvest Bible Chapel (Hickory) – from Hickory, North Carolina, USA, an independent, non-denominational, Bible-centered, mission-minded church

Higher Realm Ministries – the site of Kennith Hughes, who’s core vision is to see Jesus exalted, souls saved, and the church to be brought to the place of repentance, cleansing, and revival

†Highland Baptist Temple – from Highland, California, USA, an independent fundamental Bible believing preaching Baptist church

Highview Christian Fellowship – from Fairfax Virginia, USA, a multi-diverse congregation that provides world-class ministry deserving of an awesome God

Hijos del Altísimo (Children of the Most High) – training leaders for ministring to children in Cusco, Peru, and through the Internet (site in English, Spanish and German)

Hills Christian Life Centre, Sydney, Australia – home of ‘Hillsongs Australia’ (excellent Christian music); a very professional church homepage

Hineni Messianic Fellowship – from St Augustine, Florida, USA, where Jew & Gentile come together to worship the Yeshua/Jesus

His Apostles Christian Outreach – Biblical teachings and study for all Christians and those seeking God

His Banner Is Love Crusades – evangelists who preach the love of God through Christ

His Company International – from Houston, Texas, a Christian dance company that travels throughout the world making known the gospel of Jesus Christ

HIS Glory Ring Ministries – from Fairview, Oregon, USA, a Christian faith, Biblically based, international, trans-denominational, non-profit, tax-exempt (501 (c) 3) ministry

His Love Shines: The Ministry For Christian Discovery – inspirational writings for encouragement, meditation, devotions, prayer, and training

His Place Christian Fellowship – from Huntington Beach, California, USA, whose members are related through the life-transforming relationship they have with God through Jesus Christ

His Praise Maui – say ‘Aloha’ at Tom & Maddy's terrific Christian homepage

His Present Glory – from Newport, Minnesota, USA, a small, Kingdom-minded church (fellowship of believers) with a word and a message for the Church and the world

His Sheep – uplifting messages about the Lord Jesus Christ, prophecy, discipleship, Spiritual Warfare, deliverance, evolution, Hebraic studies, poetry, music, and more

Holding the World to a Higher Standard – if you want to be sure there is a God, this site will help (from Malachi Ministries)

Holmes Bible College – a four-year, interdenominational, Pentecostal Bible College located in Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Holy Bible Trivia – a free Christian online game to encourage spiritual growth using the quiz, test and puzzle

Holy Fire International – based in Havre, Montana, USA, evangelist Ed Hensel preaches salvation, healing & deliverance which is empowered by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus

Holy Fire: the yearly miracle of God – about the miracle of Holy Fire that happens every year before Orthodox Easter in the Church of Resurrection (Holy Sepulchre) in Jerusalem

Holy Ghost Online – over 50 recent revival sermons online preached by an anointed country preacher from Athens, Tennessee, USA

Holy, Holy, Holy – Biblical doctrine of the Trinity

Holy Nation Church – an apostolic church in the heart of London very close to Buckingham Palace with a tremendous vision and calling of God

Holy Rap Music – the music of Aprentiz who is reaching out to the urban youth with cutting edge Scripture-based rap music

Holy Spirit Interactive – an online information resource for Christians featuring Bible studies, inspirational stories, sermons, reflections, humor, apologetica, and more (Catholic site)

Holy Spirit Movement – from Glendale, Arizona, USA, a nondenominational organization dedicated to the works of the Holy Spirit – “letters” received while in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Home Away From Home – a non-profit ministry to cancer patients and their caregivers who reside in Little Rock (Arkansas, USA) while receiving bone-marrow transplants and other cancer treatments at the Arkansas Cancer Research Center (site requires Internet Explorer)

Honeyridge Baptist Church – from Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa, a Bible-based church

Hope Aglow Empowerment Center – from Washington, DC, USA, a multi-cultrual and ethnic ministry where the spirit of praise and the Word of Faith is inacted

Hope Church – from Kathmandu, Nepal, "a congregation that strongly believes that God is able to save us from our sins and deliver us from the social and economic evil that has been accumulated throughout the history of our nation"

Hope For Teens – a therapeutic spiritual treatment plan

Hope, Help, & Healing, Inc – a pro-life organization providing free pregnancy, adoptive, counseling, and life-care services to pregnant women, ages 11 to 22 years of age

Hornsby Ministries – from Opp, Alabama, USA, the Website of evangelist Keith Hornsby

Hosanna; The Triumphant Shout – from South Australia, proclaiming the victory of Jesus Christ, that He is truly the living Saviour

Hosea: Intercessors Of Prayer Warriors – a place to rest in the sweet presence of Jesus

House Of Praise Christian Fellowship – from West Gosford, NSW, Australia, an Assembles of God church built by the love of God and catering for all age groups from Tiny Tots to Senior Saints

How important is it to be a father? – helping fathers

How To Become A Christian – King James Bible verses without comment showing God’s plan for our salvation (site requires Internet Explorer for some pages) – a source for Christian family content on the Web

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