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Radek’s Homepage – a Catholic priest from Poland who is working in Denmark (in Danish and English)

Radiant – anointed modern aggressive worship (similar to early Delirious), Radiant has a heart for massive youth revival, with free worship MP3s

Radiant SonRise Ministry – “Reaching out with love may take us to our own back door or it may take us across the world...”

Radio IMPACT – listen to hip-hop, rock, dance, R&B, techno, etc on this French-speaking Christian radio station

Radio Maria – from Casciago, Italy, a 24/7 Catholic radio station broadcasting in more than 30 nations for millions of listeners in 13 languages (site in Italian, English, Spanish, French & German languages)

Radio New Jerusalem – a Web portal dedicated to Catholic evangelization and education

Raiders Christian News Update – Christian news and views with editorials and updates from today's leading conservative voices

RAIN International – an apostolic, prophetic team ministry flowing with the Holy Spirit and teaching the Word of God

Ranks1 – a free Christian directory of Webmaster resources & tools

†Rapture Forums – information on the Rapture and Bible prophecy in the End Times

Rapture Soon – helping people understand Bible prophecy and to make them aware of just how close we are to the Rapture

Rational Christianity (Christian Apologetics) – answers to over 100 objections to Christianity and Bible contradictions, plus other apologetics resources

Reachout Church – an Assemblies of God Church in Adelaide, South Australia, “The Unstoppable Church” – a ministry of Christ Ambassadors at Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, USA, spreading the gospel of Jesus through surveys

Real Miracles – missions and evangelism tools, Bible studies and materials free in many languages for all ages

Reasons To Believe – “Answering Skeptics, Encouraging Believers” by demonstrating that science and the Bible complement one another

Redding Loaves and Fishes – from Redding, California, USA, a non-profit, non-salaried, all volunteer, non-denominational organization dedicated to feeding the hungry of Redding and Shasta County

Redeemer Lutheran School – an accredited private elementary school (Grades K-8) providing a well-rounded education in a Christian environment, located in Redwood City, California, USA

Redding First United Methodist Church – from Redding, California, USA, an open, caring congregation, dedicated to embodying and witnessing to God’s grace as proclaimed by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord

Refiners Fire Ministry International – from Ennis, Texas, USA, a Spirit-filled church whose mission is to reach souls for His Kingdom

Reformation Radio – for all who seek the reality of a Sovereign Creator

Refuge Ministries – delivered from Satanism and set free in Jesus Christ

Regent University Center for Missions – from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, offering missionary training and advanced education for those called to serve God on the mission field, serving students from many church traditions and backgrounds (site requires Internet Explorer)

Reign in Me Dance Ministries – from Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA, an outreach of South Lane Christian Center, site includes Biblical information about dance, worship, flags & banners, and dance ministry resources

Rejoice Ministries, Inc – helping those facing separation or divorce turn to God for His help (“when your marriage is falling apart, find an altar, not an attorney”)

Rejoice Singers – a multi-denominational Christian outreach singing group from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA

Releasing The Fire – spreading the fire of God from Sacramento, California, USA, through the anointing

Religious Images, Icons & Art – backtrack from there for some excellent resources

Religious Interests Site – discussions on all kinds of religious subjects, including Arabics & Christianity, how to be saved, evolution (creationism), etc plus prayer requests, Gospel stories for children, Christian links, and more

Renewed Fellowship Ministries – a ministry existing to preach the saving, healing, and delivering gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world with Signs & Wonders following

Request A Miracle – a place to go when you feel like there is no hope

Restoration Church – from Wisconsin Rapids (Saratoga), Wisconsin, USA, a neighborhood church reaching and equipping for a life of faith in Jesus Christ

Revelation 18 – the Christian works of singer/songwriter Nick Costner

Revelation: A Clearer View – a commentary on Revelation and comments on rapture, tribulation, etc

Revelation Church – from Lake Stevens, Washington, USA, where the supernatural is becoming the daily way of life

Revolution 4 Christ – answers to the spiritual and scientific phenomena that fascinate mankind

Revolution Church – from the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA, a multi-generational church with a dream of seeing people discover what a wild adventure a life in God is

Revival Ministries International – homepage of evangelist Dr Rodney Howard-Browne

Revival of Love – Christian love poetry; sonnets and other poems of praise and worship, friendship and singleness, courtship and romance, marriage and family life honoring Jesus Christ

Revival Tract Ministries – Christian articles, and more

Revival Vision – God’s living Word to nations

Revive America Ministries – this site is dedicated to "training people to fulfill their destiny in God"

Rhema – an Apostolic site where God is glorified, the Saints are edified and the Devil is horrified

RHEMA Bible Church – from Ps Kenneth Hagin’s ministry located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Rhema-Faith International Ministries – from Florissant, Misssouri, USA, seeking to fulfill the Great Commission through public worship, consistent Christian ministries and Christian education – from Auburn, Washington, USA, the ministry of music evangelists Mrs Terry Pomeroy and Rev Richard Pomeroy

Rider for Christ – a New Zealand (Kiwi) motorcyclist and his faith

Righteous Child: the homepage of Richard Morton – includes The Word Declares; “teaching things concerning a revelation of Christ”

Righteous Invasion Of Truth – dedicated to the Lord’s love for the homeless and impoverished

RisenSon – a place where Christians can chat, message, and find links

Rising Sun School – a Japanese mission of Go-Yen Ministries, whose goal is evangelism by teaching English using the Bible

River City Church – from Redding, California, USA, bringing revival fire to the nations

Rivers Edge Ministries – from Spiritwood, North Dakota, USA, a ministry which is reaching out to the lost, deliverance and healing of souls for Jesus Christ

Rivers of Living Water – from Perth, Western Australia, a School of Ministry offering units to train and equip the future leaders and ministers of tomorrow

Robin Harmia International Ministries – from Plant City, Florida, USA, fanning the flames of revival around the world

Ronnie Pierce Ministries – the website of singer/evangelist Ronnie Pierce who is based in Tennessee, USA

Rosanna Fiorazo – from Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, a contemporary Christian recording artist

Royal Rangers : Outpost 33 – from South Dallas, Texas, USA (The Oaks Assembly of God), where members and visitors can share prayer request, input ideals, post events, share information, and encourage others

R & S Ministries – from Leesville, South Carolina, USA, a Pentecostal, charismatic ministry of renewal and refreshing, emphasizing the Word of God

Ruach Stream International – serving the worldwide church of Christ with encouragement, through equipping, teaching, support and the development of vision (in Dutch and English)

Rubens Cunha Evangelistic Ministry – from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, evangelism worldwide with signs and wonders

Russian Mission Projects – based in Bellwood, Pennsylvania, USA, sharing the Gospel to the people of Russia and Belarus

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