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The Music Ministry Entrusted To Pamela Clark – a contemporary Christian artist taking the Good News to the Republic of Panama through music

The Muslim-Christian Debate – a selection of articles looking at Islam from a Christian viewpoint, with some rebuttal articles from Muslims

The Network Indestructible – a ministry dedicated to the fellowship, training and releasing of the prophets and davidic apostles of our generation

The New Life Mission – free Christian e-books by Rev Paul C Jong on being born again of water and the Spirit, the baptism of Jesus, salvation from sin, the revelation, rapture, 666, antichrist

The Networked Church – from Portland, Oregon, USA, Bible-centered, evangelistic, Christian church comprised of a network of home churches integrated with each other via the Internet

The Olive Branch – helping believers get started in a serious study of God’s Word, using in-depth Scripture studies, topical studies and weekly devotionals

Theological Editions – a broad and deep summary, updated daily, of the latest news, views and reviews from a theological perspective

The Online Bible College – powerful Bible study program, using a non-academic, life-application approach to ministry training, all from the convenience of your own home

The Open Church Foundation – this foundation produces tracts designed to help people know God through a personal relationship with Christ and to aid Christians in facing daily problems

Theophilos (multilingual application for Bible & Christian study) – free Bible study software suite for Windows 95/98/2000/NT available by download or through CD; highly recommended!

Theophilos Add-on Library – an ever growing collection of free add-on modules for the freeware Theophilos Bible software (see above)

Theophilus’ World – travel with Theophilus on his spiritual journey with Jesus (Christian cartoon series)

The Parable of the Rooster – an evangelistic animated presentation of the parable of the sower, featuring a rooster

The Paranormal Page – secrets of: astrology, psychics, ghosts, UFOs & aliens; from a Biblical perspective

The Parthian Shot – proclaiming the word of truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

The Place Adventist Fellowship – from Newbury Park, California, USA, a contemporary Seventh-Day Adventist church

“The Power!” – this excellent 220-page book by James Bramlett is now available to be read on-line (site requires Internet Explorer)

†The Power Station – an on-line Christian radio station broadcasting from Wiltshire, UK

The Prayer Closet Ministries, Inc. – equipping believers in prayer, fasting, and spiritual warfare

The Prayer List – praying specific prayers for specific people

The Prophetic Ministry of Stephen W Morris – a website with visions and utterances for the body of Christ and on-line books with biblical perspectives of personal holiness, accountability, purposes of spiritual gifts, and intrinsic gifts of God

The Rain Project – a self-funded, solo musical project made freely available to everyone

The Reach Community Church – from Boaz, Alabama, USA, a life-giving non-traditional church built on the principles of Jesus Christ

The Reformed Church of Willow Grove – from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA, a fellowship of Christians joined together to praise and worship God according to the teachings of the Bible

There Is Hope Through Prayer – prayer is a key to getting our circumstances changed in our lives, but there are some hindrances to prayer and this site should give you a clearer understanding of what effective prayer is

The Remnant Bride – for those who want a deeper walk in Christ Jesus, who are hungry and believe they are not getting fed behind the four walls

The Resurrection – an Easter message by Ps Bruce McRae that asks the question "Why did Jesus rise?" and asks if it was necessary (audio sermon in MP3 format)

The River of Life – calling God’s people into prayer and fasting for Israel and the nations

The Rock Church – from San Diego, California, USA, a community of believers with many ways to celebrate the common bond of salvation in Jesus Christ

The Rockhouse Church – from Long Beach, California, USA, a non-denominational church whose vision is to have balanced and well-rounded Christians through the work of Pastor Leon Patillo, former lead singer of Santana

The Second Coming Of Jesus – Biblical prophecy

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ireland – the Irish Mission of Seventh-day Adventists, this page contains local news, church and beliefs resources

The Sharon Bethel Quartet – a Christian quartet from Kalona, Iowa, USA, the site includes information about their recordings (with short audio samples), their singing schedule, and other info

The Shelter Youth Hostel Ministry, Amsterdam – a non-denominational mission project aiming to reach young travellers with the Gospel in two Christian youth hostels in Amsterdam

The Shepherd’s Way – from Vincennes, Indiana, USA, an interdenominational fellowship dedicated to fulfillment of the Great Commission, the Commandment of God and Golden Rule

The Sound Of The Trumpet – building up the body of Christ, teaching the word of God, offering prayer, and newsletter

The Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Cebu – from Cebu City, Philippines, its aim is to glorify God, and thus with His help would endeavor that its worship be solemn, reverential and filled with a holy kind of joy

The Spurgeon Archive – Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) was England’s best-known preacher for most of the second half of the nineteenth century and this archive presents much of his work (and biographical information about him)

The Story of Jesus – a simple and easy to understand presentation of the Gospel on the Internet

The Strait Gate – analyzing, according to the word of God, highly controversial and extremely important subjects (a KJV-only site)

The Sugar land Vineyard Church – an excellent church web site from Houston, Texas

The Teaching Ministry of Ken Birks – “sowing seeds of faith”, this site contains free sermon outlines, Bible study notes, and information about predestination, eternal security, faith, studies, and more

The Televangelists Network – a directory of sites relating to televangelists, televangelism and Christian broadcasting

The Ten Commandments – learn about the Ten Commandments, their history, purpose, and application to society, and also God’s plan for people through God’s law

The Three Crosses – an analogy regarding the two criminals crucified with Jesus; part of Graham Pockett’s “Christian Concepts” series of short articles

The Tribulation Network – news and commentary on religion in politics, globalization, and “The American New World Order System”

The Tribulation News Network (TNN) Online – current events covered from a prophetic perspective comparing Bible prophecy to modern times

The True.Origin Archives – compelling arguments for Biblical Creationism as opposed to the Theory of Evolution

The Truth – home of Free Christian Graphics (a good source for your webpages) and with some excellent Christian links

The Truth – focussing on salvation

The Truth Connection – striving to meet the needs of those who need spiritual and physical healing in their lives

The Truth Is – from the resurrection of Christ to the Second Coming, this Website explains the logical necessity of Biblical events

The Tubbs’ Home Page – John & Barbara Tubbs are full-time Gospel singers; site is heavy on graphics and uses Real Audio for sound

The Voice of Missions International – the outreach missionary ministry of Larry A King

The Warning End Time Sons of God Prophecy – by Larry Meguiar, dedicated to manifestation of sons of God, kingdom, bride who prepares to meet Christ at His coming

The Watchword – a revival history resource center to encourage hope, vision and prayer for a Christ-centered revival of Apostolic Christianity

The Way of God – parables and short stories teaching about God’s way

The Way of the Lord Ministries – from Tucson, Arizona, USA, providing a “Weekly Way” to bring people closer to our Lord

The Weekly Inspiration – a weekly inspiration page

The Westside Church – a church in the Seattle area of Washington, USA

The Wichita Foundry – from Wichita, Kansas, USA, a church with a vision to reach a lost and dying world and share the gospel with them; to show men God’s great love and passion, and his willingness to sacrifice His one and only son for them

The World’s Greatest Truths! – great truths from the Bible, presented in five sections including “Biblical Prophecy” and “How to be filled with the Holy Spirit”

The Word Of God – inspiring others with their walk with God

The Words Of Eternal Life – a Biblical reference and research center on Endtimes, false teachings, home churches, and the basic Doctrines of Faith

The Writing and Teaching Ministry of Gregory Reid – books, articles etc on Harry Potter, youth, abuse & occult issues, Christian growth etc

This Day’s Thought – receive a Christian inspired quote or thought e-mailed to you every day

Thornleigh Community Baptist Church – an evangelical, contemporary church in Sydney, Australia

Thoughts From God – His thoughts, His reasons, His answers, and Why

Three Cord Ministries – Marg & Ian Ridpath minister the centrality of Christ, specially in marriages, thru in-home inductive Bible studies, couples prayer ministry, praise & worship leadership, small group retreats, and more

Throne of Grace Parish – from Sarasota, Florida, USA, part of the Charismatic Episcopal Church with special emphasis on mission to the homeless and addicted

Thy Word Is Truth – to proclaim the everlasting Gospel

Tidewater Campmeeting Association – a holiness evangelical outreach that preaches salvation to the lost and sanctification to the believer – from India, a Christian website to help people through word of God, Christian videos and inspirational stories (site in English)

Tim’s Free Bible Study Downloads – free Bible study downloads in multimedia formats

Timothy Ministries – from Beloit, Wisconsin, USA, a group of evangelical, interdenominational Christians who have a passion to assist in the training of men and women for Christian mission work

Titus II Ministries – from Edmonds, Washington, USA, a nonprofit (501c3), interdenominational Christian organization that seeks to help meet the needs of the elderly and disabled community through loving and caring relationships

TNN Online – (Tribulation News Network) Biblical news and analysis

TNT Ministries – from Mesa, Arizona, USA, dedicated to bringing Godly changes in people’s lives by teaching the Word of God, the power of prayer, and how to stay focused on God

Tommy Ray O’Dell Ministries – working through ‘Frontier Evangelism’, the O’Dells preach a non-religious love-centered message of healing to the unchurched as they announce the Good News of Jesus into the hearts of millions world-wide

Toronto Christian Worship Center – from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a church without walls which encourages an understanding of the love of God as our Father and the love of His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, on a very personal level

Touching This Generation Ministries (TTG) – touching this generation with the power of God through the love of God

T Pickens Ministry – dedicated to helping women find their purpose and destiny in this world through the study of the Word of God

Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) – a nationally recognized accrediting agency which serves Christian schools and colleges and approved by the US Department of Education

Treasures of the Snow – monthly ezines featuring inspirational stories, poems, Bibles studies and articles on Creation and Bible accruracy

Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministries – from Kingston, Queensland, Australia, a motorcycle ministry reaching into the streets

Tribulation.Com (Atlantis Station) – some excellent Christian articles, specially about Middle East prophecy

Tribulation Forces – dedicated to discussions and commentary on Bible prophecy and the End-Times, with community discussion boards for open talks on all topics

Trinity Christian Academy – from Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and home to the TCA Warriors, a Pre-K through 12th grade academy that provides strong academics in a Bible-centered environment

Trinity Church of Pearland, Texas – a Spirit-filled interdenominational family Church, teaching and training how to overcome in life, located approximately 5 miles southeast of Houston, Texas, USA

Trinity College of Biblical Studies – study theology where you are and when you can

Trinity Gospel Temple – from Canton, Ohio, USA, church homepage

Trinity Lutheran Church – from Silverton, Oregon , USA, a community of forgiven people called together by God to share the love of Christ through prayerful worship and caring service

Trinity Lutheran Church and School – a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in Billings, Montana, USA, since 1919

Tri-Rock Forum – a community of Christian Rock/Metal fans around the world

True Ministries Church – from Ocoee, Florida, USA, a church without walls with many outreaches, reaching into the hearts of mankind with the healing resurrection power of Christ Jesus in preparation for His return

True Song Ministeries – from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, USA, the ministry of Independent Fundamental Baptists, Bro. Robert & Sister Shirley Bailey

Trumpet of the Lord – from Athens, Tennessee, USA, the music ministry of trumpet player Mike Schmidt (famous for being the world’s loudest trumpet player)

Trusting In God – personal Christian homepage dedicated to trusting God in all things

Truth Ablaze – the online ministry of Liberty Community Church of Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA, includes articles on the Rapture, Salvation, eternal security, spiritual gifts, and Spirit-filled living

Truth About Tithing – to provide for the Levites, the poor, widows, orphans, and to teach Israel to celebrate, commune with and revere Him, God introduced three tithes; but are they relevant today? (Christian Music For The Masses) – a Christian Music site providing reviews, links, industry news, band lists, worship & drama resources, and more

Tunie’s Poetry from the Lord – poems to give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ

Turkey Creek Church of God – from Plant City, Florida, USA, a healthy church with lots of love (affiliated with the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA)

Twelve Steps With Jesus – a group for any Christian who would like to use the Twelve Steps (originally from Alcoholics Anonymous) as a tool in leading a Christian life, or for recovery

Twin City Fellowship – from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, a non-denominational Bible believing Church

Two Billion Doctrines – “the strange religion called Christianity” an article by ACL Editor, Graham Pockett

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  • Two Billion Doctrines – the strange religion called Christianity
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  • New Wine In An Old Skin – the problem of legalism in the church today
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  • The Truth Will Set You Free! – the Holy Tarantula???
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